About us

Dancelover store has been found since in June, 2019. I am a founder of my store from Chiangmai province, upnorth of Thailand, a land with rich cultures, delicious cuisine, nice and warm hospitality with friendly faces (A land of smile), we are from one of the top 5 tourist cities in Thailand, the professional entertainer who serves our guests and visitors from all over the world?  

How we like music at the same time, how we like sports and the exercises in all forms, "Dancing is not an exceptional here", it is one of all those kind of sports I have been fascinated with. Reading all these, you will know some reasons, why? dancing is not only gracefully movements one of the smart and the gracefully kind of sports but it is all of your benefit, if you just feel like dancing, you benefit it all.....



***You have to feel what the music wants to say to the listeners. It is extremely important which you can do it easily. Basically, music is an essential element to connect in couples. Music is the environment for the couples who will combine together to perform the great dance music.

  1. Dancing to Express Oneself

You can express your feeling in a certain moment through dancing. A couple is dancing with slow songs their eyes always toward each other. They often smile on their lips. Dancing will help us love the life too much. It makes us happier. It is a new wind blowing in our mind regardless of age and gender.  It means that dancing also can help someone express oneself.

  1. Dancing to Have A Good Heart

Some researchers have shown that some people having the problem about heart should dance to improve this disease. But you should keep all activities in moderation. This can explain that you must breathe more and more deeply during dancing. It looks like you ride a bike or walk every day. Dancing with music will help you forget boring. And you can dance continuously for 20 minutes. You can enhance health and maintain a good condition of the heart.

  1. Dancing for Exercise

If you try some lessons of the aerobic exercise you will be easy the dance music. They are the same. However, dancing is a great form of aerobic. At this time, many muscles of the body must work together. Therefore, the muscles are stretched and firmed. Beyond that, our heart rate also increases. And blood will be pumped with the faster rate.

4.     Dancing to Increase The Confidence

Every dance which you learn will increase your confidence too much. This can spread and affect other aspects of your life. Besides, some studies also proved that dance music is a social activity. It can link with friends. You will have a positive attitude in life. A lot of people feel so exciting after taking part in the dancing music.

 Aren't they the excellent sport, the excellent exercise and good social activity?  .........

 It's time to choose, it's time to dance.

We sell danceshoes around the world, customers wrote us reviews how they like our products brand name "danceloverstore" how comfortable our products are when wearing them and shipping in time duration is right.

Danceloverstore, a store you can not miss out to pay visit when it comes in terms of dancing. Back to the store and shop with us "NOW"